Divan Beds – why are they so popular?


How to choose the right divan bed

Divan beds are by far the most popular type of bed in the UK. The reason is simple – they are cost effective, practical, fit easily into your bedroom and come with a wealth of storage options.

Choosing the right one for you, however, can be daunting and we are here to help you make the right decision.

People quite often pick the wrong type for their needs which in turn can affect their sleep and well being so we’ve outlined below a few tips when choosing from our store.

What size is right for you?

They say bigger is better! Well this is also the case when it comes to choosing the size of your bed! You’ll get a much better night’s sleep if you have more room to move around and stretch out. So choose one that allows both you and your partner to sleep comfortably. Refer to our previous post for inspiration.

We would suggest a Kingsize to sleep two adults comfortably and a minimum of 3′ single size if you sleep alone.

If you are strapped for space just make sure you allow a few extra inches on top of your height when choosing the length of the bed. EG: if you’re 5’2″ then choose 5’6″ and upwards unless you want your feet to dangle over the end of the bed! The standard length for singles is 6’3″ and from Kingsize it’ll go up to 6’6″.

Which type of divan base?

Naturally as we sell the Platform top type of divan beds we recommend them especially if you require a firmer sleep surface, and more affordable price. They are made of hardboard with storage options and have chrome gliders to protect your carpet. All of our divan bases come in a range of fabrics and colours which are interchangeable across the range and they can be matched to any of the headboards too!

Divan Base Wow Beds
Divan Base Example

If you want something a bit more expensive and to make full use of the base for storage, then we would suggest an Ottoman bed.

Ottomans are constructed with wood and chipboard and they are much sturdier then standard divan bases.

The storage part works on a hydraulic system which allows the top part of the bed to be lifted up. Just store anything you want underneath and pop the mattress down again.

The lid is made with non slip fabric which prevents the mattress from slipping off when you open it up. You can have a side or end opening system depending on preference and accessibility.

We don’t currently have Ottomans listed on this site, but you can order one here.

Storage options

There are a few different drawer configurations you can choose from depending on the size.

Divan and Ottoman Storage Base
  • Single beds – 2 drawers on left or right side; slider
  • Double beds – 2 drawers on either side; 2 drawers at the foot end; 1 jumbo drawer at the foot end; 4 drawers
  • Ottomans – side or end opening system with storage inside the whole of the base

All of our divan bases are available to purchase separately or as part of a complete bed set including mattress. Headboards can also be purchased separately and fabric can be matched to the base.

If you need any assistance just get in touch.