Choosing the right mattress is usually down to personal preference, but here is a brief summary to help you make a decision:

Open Coil:  springs are arranged in rows which are connected to each other both on the top and bottom by a spiral helical wire which has an outer rod that strengthens the perimeter. Our mattresses come in a 13.5  and a 12.5 guage springs, offering soft to firm tensions.  The lower the guage the firmer the tension.

Pocket Sprung:  a higher quality spring.  They are smaller, softer and packed individually in small calico pockets, working independently.  These springs are nested by hand in a honeycombed shape and tied in the centre by linen cord, which provides better support and response to the body.  Our mattresses are between 1000 – 2000 springs.  Typically the more springs, the firmer the mattress.  However, this also determined by the filling.

Memory Foam/Visco Elastic – memory foam contours to the body and provides relief from pressure on the body.  Our mattresses comprise both memory foam and reflex foam, the latter forming the bulk of the mattress.

Polyurethane/Reflex Foam – a synthetic, petroleum based foam which comes in a range of tensions from soft to firm.  It is less expensive than memory foam but still a great solution.

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